Sensing the World's Resources
"The world needs to produce 60% more food by 2050 to feed the planet.

Our vision is to help meet this challenge without compromising the future."

TerraSense Technology

What We Do


Data Made Simple

We give you the data you want and the actionable intelligence you need


  • Sensors
  • Target Conditions
  • Insights
  • Communications


  • Continous Monitoring
  • 3rd Party Data Aggregation
  • Daily GIS Data
  • Input Events (irrigation, rainfall, fertilizer application, etc)


  • Optimize Conditions
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Make Informed Decisions
  • Visualize and Report

In the Palm of Your Hand

See your land like never before


Open Hardware & Robust Software

The solution for your needs


Hardware Integrations

Software Integrations

Companies you trust

We utilize industry leading sensors

Cloud based services from AWS

Utilizing the most advanced cloud infrastructure for secure data storage, and service reliability

Artificial Intelligence

Leading AI Research applied to your application

TerraSense Industries

TerraSense's Technology adopts an Industry Specific Approach


Oil and Gas

Golf Courses


Defense and Government


The economies of scale necessary to be profitable in the production of farm commodities work against the small farmer. This can be addressed in two ways: increasing the efficiency of the production and diversifying what is produced in order to differentiate from low margin commodities. AgTech can help in both of these. Hunter Gaylor, President TerraSense
Left: Hunter Gaylor, Right: Minister of Agriculture of Armenia

TerraSense Partnerships

Fellow Companies and Organizations that Support our Vision for a More Sustainable World

TerraSense in the Media

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TerraSense Leadership

World Class Engineering meets Veteran Business Leaders

Founder and Chairman: Marc Foulkrod
Mr. Foulkrod graduated from California State Polytechnic University with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. He has worked for Boeing and McDonnell Douglas as a Performance Engineer. Mr Foulkrod joined Avjet Corporation in 1982, and he expanded the company into the multifaceted, full-service aviation organization it is today. He and a former business partner acquired the company in 1986. Avjet was built into one of the largest fortune 100 private aviation companies in North America with operations in Los Angeles and Seoul Korea. Since 1997, Avjet Corporation has been involved in over 450 aircraft transactions exceeding $8+ billion in sales. In 2016 Avjet was acquired by General Dynamics. He is also the founder of Mission Valley Bank with assets well surpassing $400+ Million in revenue. Mr. Foulkrod is the founder and CEO of Avjet Global Sales. Mr. Foulkrod is also the Founder and Chairman of TerraSense Inc. He is an active owner and grower of lemons and citrus for Sunkist Growers, and a user of TerraSense Technology.

President: Hunter Gaylor
Hunter Gaylor is a graduate from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Government and International Relations. He has served as an economic advisor to the Greek Consulate in Boston during the 2009 debt crises. He has successfully gained partnerships with some of the largest fortune 500 companies such as Cisco, Tibco, HSBC, Delta and Caesar Entertainment. He is involved in numerous international business endeavors in addition to his core social enterprise. He currently serves as President of TerraSense, Internal Consultant for Avjet Global Sales, and as a Vice President at his parents' insurance company. He regularly appears on local and international news networks like CBS, BBC, and Kcal discussing international relations, geopolitics and the occasional Hollywood happenings. He is also a member of the United National Association in Boston and regularly meets and speaks with heads of state and leading governmental officials.

Chief Technology Officer: Jon Thies
With a keen eye for simple, innovative solutions to complex problems, Jon is passionate about leading TerraSense to develop systems that can have a global impact by leveraging his background in Machine Learning, Cloud Infrastructure and Data Science. Before joining TerraSense, Jon was CTO and founder of Qwasi Inc. QWASI activates high volumes of real time data points for companies in a wide variety of industries. Prior to founding QWASI, Jon founded Net6 which was acquired by Citrix Systems in 2004. At Net6 and later at Citrix, Jon provided technical leadership of the mobile and Voice Over IP application gateway products. With key involvement as a Research Scientist and Lead Architect at Citrix, Jon provided strategic guidance and leadership in future product development. Before founding Net6, Jon was a member of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Lockheed Martin, Advanced Technologies Laboratories. At Lockheed, Jon developed his unique approach to solving today’s highly complex technical problems with intelligence based solutions. Jon holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and intelligent systems from Taylor University as well as a master’s degree in computer science and engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

Chief Product Officer: Rob Rodriguez
Rob's expertise has always been in designing something fast and just making it work. He has worked in software research and development for over 20 years with several Fortune 500 corporations, including Citrix, Cisco Systems, and Dell Computer, as well as academic institutions like Stanford University. He has expertise in leading product development in areas ranging from network security to enterprise storage to IoT. In 2004, Rob co-invented the Net6 SSL-VPN which was acquired by Citrix Systems and quickly climbed to the top of Gartner Magic Quadrant as one of the most success network security products of the time. As part of the Advanced Products group with Citrix, Rob developed many underlying technologies like a neural-net based OCR, used across product suites. In 2009, Rob leveraged this experience and developed an image compression library for a startup that was acquired by Dell that quickly became a leading tool used by major social media networks to deal with the exponential amount of data flooding into their systems. Rob holds 18 granted patents in technology across various segments, and degrees in Computer Engineering and Psychology.

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